Why Should You Have a Yellow Fever Vaccine?

Why Should You Have a Yellow Fever Vaccine?

25 / May

Get yellow fever vaccine in West Croydon before travelling

Yellow fever is a potentially fatal influenza-like illness transmitted by Aedes aegypti mosquitoes, which also transmit the Dengue and Zika viruses. This condition is known as yellow fever because of jaundice that causes yellowing of the skin and eyes. You can protect yourself from the disease by having a yellow fever vaccination. This is especially vital if you are travelling outside the country. Keep reading to learn more about yellow fever vaccine in West Croydon.

What symptoms are associated with yellow fever?

Yellow fever symptoms appear between three and six days following exposure. Initial manifestations of the infection are comparable to those of the influenza virus. They consist of:

– Chills
– Fever
– Headaches
– Muscular aches and pains
– Joint aches
– A high temperature
– Decreased appetite
– Shivers
– Backaches

yellow fever vaccine in West Croydon

Causes of yellow fever

Yellow fever is caused by the yellow fever virus (or flavivirus), which is spread via the bite of an infected mosquito. When mosquitoes bite an infected human or monkey, they become infected with the virus. The condition cannot be transmitted from one individual to another.

Mosquitoes reproduce in tropical rain forests, humid and semi-humid areas, and around still bodies of water.

Localised outbreaks of yellow fever can be caused by more contact between people and infected mosquitoes, especially in places where people haven’t been vaccinated against it.

What’s the best treatment for yellow fever? (Yellow fever vaccine in West Croydon)

No treatment is currently available for yellow fever. Treatment involves taking care of the symptoms and helping the immune system fight off the infection. Some of the things you can do include:

– Getting enough fluids, possibly intravenously
– Getting oxygen
– Maintaining normal blood pressure
– Being given blood transfusions
– Undergoing dialysis if you have kidney failure
– Being treated for other potential infections


Yellow fever vaccine in West Croydon

An effective means of preventing yellow fever is the yellow fever vaccine. After receiving the vaccine, you are issued a vaccination certificate as proof that you have been immunised and are protected against the infection. This certificate is intended to fit within a passport and is valid for life.

Why do you need the yellow fever vaccine in West Croydon?

– To avoid infection when visiting locations where the yellow fever virus is present.
– To prevent international disease transmission among nations. The nations requiring confirmation of immunisation are those where the disease occurs or could arise due to the presence of mosquitoes and monkey species capable of harbouring the virus.

Most of the time, proof of vaccination is needed for people travelling from countries where yellow fever is common to countries where it could be spread, and sometimes for people passing through such countries.

yellow fever vaccine in West Croydon

Which countries require yellow fever vaccination?

The following nations require confirmation of yellow fever vaccination:

– Angola
– Burundi
– Cameroon
– Central African Republic
– Republic of Congo
– Côte d’Ivoire
– Democratic Republic of the Congo
– French Guiana
– Gabon
– Ghana
– Guinea-Bissau
– Liberia
– Mali
– Niger
– Sierra Leone
– Togo
– Uganda

Other nations may require yellow fever vaccination based on your country of origin or most recent country of residence. The World Health Organisation puts out a list of all the countries and territories that require a yellow fever shot based on where the traveller is from.

How long does the yellow fever vaccine in West Croydon remain effective?

In the majority of cases, a single dose of the yellow fever vaccine gives lifelong protection. Only if you were previously vaccinated in one of the following situations is a booster dose recommended:

– During pregnancy
– Under the age of two years
– Had impaired immune function
– While infected with HIV
– Prior to a bone marrow transplant

Is getting the yellow fever vaccine in West Croydon required?

Yellow fever vaccination is recommended for anyone over the age of nine months who is travelling to or living in Africa or South America where the yellow fever virus is present.

If it has been 10 years or more since the last yellow fever vaccination, travellers to locations with continuing outbreaks should consider receiving a booster dose.

Consult your healthcare provider to decide if you require a yellow fever vaccination or booster shot before travelling to a yellow fever-risk location.

Some individuals may have a higher risk of developing an adverse reaction to the vaccine, although they may still benefit from vaccination. These individuals or their guardians should discuss vaccination with a healthcare provider. They include those:

– Aged six to eight months
– Who are 60 years of age or older
– Who are Pregnant or breastfeeding

What are the side effects of the yellow fever vaccine?

Common moderate side effects following administration of the yellow fever vaccine include:

– Slight fever
– Headache
– Muscle and joint pain
– Nausea or vomiting
– Discomfort at the injection site

These side effects can occur anywhere between the day of immunisation and fourteen days afterward and typically persist for no longer than three days.

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