Travel vaccinations to protect you and your family


Before leaving for your holiday or business trip, make Shivas Pharmacy your first stop for safe and happy travel.

Low cost, walk in travel clinic, no appointments necessary.

Shivas Pharmacy provides the full travel clinic service which includes all vaccinations including yellow fever.

.Wherever in the world you are travelling to, we will give you appropriate vaccinations, malaria tablets and safe travel advice at a fraction of the cost of other travel clinics. Asia (Thailand), South America (Brazil), India, and Africa are the most common destinations where you might need travel vaccines for.


Vaccinations we offer


Yellow Fever Vaccine ~ mosquito transferred infection with FREE certification.
~ validity 10 years in Certification booklet supplied (starting 10 days after vaccination)

All Hepatitis Vaccinations ~ to include Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B.
~ Hepatitis A ~ validity between 20-25 years depending on vaccine after the second jab (6 to 12 months after 1st jab),
~ Hepatitis B ~ validity 5 years, after all 3 injections (check antibodies)

Typhoid Vaccine~ disease transmitted by food or contaminated water.
~ validity 3 years (starting 10 days after vaccination)

Meningitis Vaccines ~ caused by a variety of pathogens.
~ validity 3 years, for certification purposes (starting 14 to 21 days after vaccination)

Rabies vaccine ~ transmitted predominantly by dogs, bats and other warm-blooded animals.
~ validity 2 years, after all 3 jabs (starting 2 days after final vaccination)

MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) ~ immunity immediate (after 2 injections), validity unknown

Japanese Encephalitis ~ mosquito transmitted disease
~ immunity immediate, validity unknown. Can only be given to over 18 year olds.

Tick Borne Encephalitis vaccine ~ transmitted by tick bites.

Diphtheria, Tetanus & Polio vaccine ~ Common childhood immunisation.
~ validity 10 years, immunity immediate.

Cholera Vaccine ~ water borne disease.
~ validity 3 months, immunity starting 7 days after all 2 doses have been taken. Nil by mouth one hour before and after.

Anti-malarials available (after consultation)
Malarone tablets ~ most popular antimalarial because of least side-effects and the fewest weeks to complete a course.

Lariam tablets ~ once weekly anti-malaria tablets, removes need for daily tablet ritual.

Doxycycline ~ often chosen antimalarial because it is the cheapest.



What is different and why Shivas Travel Clinic?


We are unique in several ways:-

Compared to MASTA and NOMAD travel clinics, our Pharmacy travel clinic is extremely competitive on price and quality of service. We do not have the large overheads of the multiples. Our staff are in-house and we keep a large stock of vaccines.

We have continuity of care, since the same two Pharmacists conduct the clinic.

We try to minimise the pain by administering the more painful injections in the less used arm.

We are a NaTHNaC registered YELLOW FEVER CENTRE and issue Yellow Fever Certification after vaccination’

Most importantly, since we have two Pharmacists trained (and available most of the time), you do NOT need to make appointments to have your vaccinations. However, please note that you can only obtain your last minute Yellow Fever vaccine certification validity from us, so as long as it’s at least 10 days before you are entering a Yellow Fever endemic area.

Travelling on Hajj or Umrah? – Talk to your Pharmacist about your Vaccinations

We provide the meningococcal (ACWY) vaccination to the members of the Muslim community. This vaccination is required for travellers who go for the Hajj and Umrah pilgrimage. The vaccination with a valid certificate is a compulsory health requirement, needed before entering the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We provide the certificate FREE of charge.

The meningococcal (ACWY) vaccination is valid for three years. It should be taken not less than 10 days before travelling to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Visit The Muslim Council of Britain website for further information.