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At Shivas Pharmacy, we want to help you get the most from your prescription medicines. We provide a range of NHS services to help you do this including the following:

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We have a comprehensive stock of prescription medicines in-store. If for some reason we do not have the prescription items you require, we have the ability to source most items, for the next working day.

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Other Information About Our Prescription Services


Repeat or Batch Dispensing


Repeat or batch dispensing may be suitable for you, if you have been on long term medication, and the medical condition(s) have been stable for some time, your GP may decide that you are a suitable patient for this type of dispensing, and issue medicines for up to a maximum of 12 months, in batch prescriptions. It may be advisable for you to use the same Pharmacy to dispense your medications, once the first batch has been dispensed. The rest of the batch prescriptions can either be kept in thePharmacy in a locked vehicle, or retained by yourself. Only the Repeat Authorisation (RA) needs to be signed by the GP, though we cannot dispense the RA but only the Batch or Repeat Dispensing forms (RDs).

This system negates the need to visit the GP for regularly prescribed stable medications. On every further batch issue, we will discuss the side-effects and compliance with the prescribed medication(s). However, if there is any change in these regular prescribed medication(s), then the whole batch will be cancelled, as per NHS guidelines. A new prescription will need to be issued.


Medicine Containers


All medicines are dispensed in child resistant containers unless you request us not to. Please remember to keep all medicines out of sight and reach of children. Our Pharmacist can give you advice on the safe storage of medicines.


Patient Medication Records (Information Governance)


Our computer system allows us to keep comprehensive records of the medication we dispense to you.

This is completely confidential and secure and allows us to ensure that we can monitor any drug interactions with the medication you are taking and help us to advise you when we recommend any over the counter medicine.

We comply fully with the Data Protection Act and the NHS code of practice for information governance.


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