What Travel Vaccines do you Need Before you Jet Off?

What Travel Vaccines do you Need Before you Jet Off?

21 / Jun

How to get travel vaccines near me in West Croydon

If you want to travel outside of the United Kingdom, you may have to be immunised against several of the world’s most dangerous diseases. Infections like typhoid, yellow fever, and hepatitis A are all preventable diseases that can be vaccinated against. Wondering “where can I get travel vaccines near me in West Croydon?” Continue reading to find out.

The NHS normal vaccination schedule defends you against a variety of diseases in the UK, but it does not protect you against all infectious diseases prevalent abroad.

When should I begin planning for the jabs I’ll need?

If at all feasible, see your pharmacist at least 8 weeks ahead of your trip. Some vaccines must be given ahead of time in order for your body to establish immunity. Furthermore, some immunisations require multiple doses over a number of weeks or months.

Some activities may put you at a higher risk, such as if you’re:

– Travelling through remote places
– Backpacking
– Camping or staying in hostels
– Going on a long trip rather than taking a package vacation

If you have a medical condition, you may be more susceptible to infection or problems from a travel-related sickness.

How to get travel vaccines near me in West Croydon

How do I know which travel vaccines near me in West Croydon to get?

These websites can tell you which immunisations are required or advised for the places you’ll be visiting:

Travel Health Pro
NHS Fit for Travel

Some nations demand proof of vaccination (such as for polio or yellow fever), which must be recorded on an International Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis (ICVP) prior to actually entering or leaving the country.

Visitors to Saudi Arabia for the Hajj and Umrah pilgrimages must provide confirmation of vaccination against certain forms of meningitis. Even though an ICVP isn’t necessary, it’s ideal to keep track of the immunisations you’ve received.

Can I get travel vaccines near me in West Croydon at a pharmacy?

To begin, call or visit your pharmacist, GP, or practice nurse to see if your current UK vaccines are up to date.

If you have any vaccination records, tell your pharmacist what you’ve received in the past. You should also inquire if they are registered with the NHS to provide free travel vaccinations, as not all pharmacies are.

There are certain travel vaccinations that are not offered free through the NHS; these can be done privately at your local pharmacy.

The pharmacy can also provide you with general travel immunisation and health advice, such as how to avoid malaria. If you require additional doses of your UK vaccinations, they can provide them to you.

Not every travel vaccination is available for free on the NHS even if they’re advised for a certain place.

Your pharmacist or GP may charge you for non-NHS travel vaccinations.

If your GP can provide you with the travel vaccinations you require but they aren’t accessible on the NHS, request:

– Written information on the vaccines that are essential
– The price of each dosage or course
– Any other fees you may be required to pay, like for any vaccination certificates

How to get travel vaccines near me in West Croydon

How long are travel vaccines effective?

Depending on the vaccine, the length of immunity for travel vaccines varies. Some travel vaccines, such as those for polio, tetanushepatitis A and B and diphtheria, have a ten-year or longer duration. The yellow fever vaccine is thought to be effective for life.

Which travel vaccines near me in West Croydon are free?

If your pharmacy or GP practice is registered to provide vaccination services, the below travel vaccines are available for free on the NHS.

– Polio (given as diphtheria, tetanus, and polio vaccine)
– Typhoid
– Hepatitis A

These vaccinations are free since they protect against illnesses that, if brought into the country, would pose a great risk to public health.


Other things to consider

When it comes to travel vaccines, there are a few factors to keep in mind:

– Your health as well as age – you may be more susceptible to diseases than others; certain vaccines are not recommended for those who have specific medical issues.
– Serving as an aid worker — at a refugee camp or assisting after a natural disaster, you may come across more infections.
– Working in a medical facility – further immunisations may be required by healthcare workers such as doctors and nurses.
– Animal contact — you may be more susceptible to diseases transmitted by animals, like rabies.

If you’re only going to Northern and Central Europe, North America, or Australia, vaccinations are unlikely to be required.

However, it’s critical to ensure that you’re up to date on basic vaccines provided through the NHS.

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