Why Should You Get the MenACWY vaccine?

Why Should You Get the MenACWY vaccine?

21 / Dec


MenACWY vaccine in West Croydon

You can combat the meningococcal bacteria, which can cause meningitis and septicaemia, by getting the MenACWY vaccine. If you plan to travel abroad, it is important to understand how to stay protected from disease-causing microorganisms. Keep reading to learn more about getting the MenACWY vaccine in West Croydon.

Septicaemia and meningitis

Meningococcal bacteria are known to cause both septicaemia and meningitis. The five meningococcal bacteria types that can cause these illnesses are A, B, C, W, and Y.

Approximately 25% of teenagers and young adults have meningococcal bacteria in their throats, although they usually do not cause any issues. Because the pathogen has a higher likelihood of spreading among them, the MenACWY vaccination programme is usually targeted at teenagers and young adults at college and university.

How are the meningococcal bacteria transmitted?

Meningococcal disease is brought on by thirteen different varieties of meningococcal bacteria. The most frequent causes of meningitis in the UK are MenB, MenC, MenW, and MenY. Fortunately, vaccination can help you prevent catching them.

MenA disease is not common in the UK, although it is widespread in other parts of the world. Getting vaccinated helps you to prevent catching diseases on your travels.

Even though they don’t show any signs of illness or symptoms, about one in ten people have meningococcal bacteria in their throat and back of the nose. Older teenagers are more prone to carrying and spreading it. The infections can be transmitted through kissing, sneezing, or coughing by an infected person.

Meningococcal bacteria can cause sepsis and other serious infections. Although infections can develop at any age, they tend to occur more frequently in newborns and young children, as well as teenagers.

MenACWY vaccine in West Croydon

Is the MenACWY vaccine necessary?

In addition to meningitis, meningococcal illness can also result in blood poisoning. Furthermore, Blood poisoning (septicaemia) or meningitis can result in sepsis, a potentially deadly infection reaction. It is a condition that requires emergency medical care.

Sepsis can have tragic consequences, such as amputations, brain damage and hearing loss.

Initially, only those with a higher risk of contracting meningococcal disease were advised to get the MenACWY vaccine. Also, it is highly recommended for Hajj pilgrims and tourists visiting regions of Latin America and Africa where meningococcal illness is prevalent.

How often do you need the MenACWY vaccine?

Adolescents who get the MenACWY vaccination for the first time at or after the age of 16 do not require a booster jab. However, those who have a higher risk of catching certain conditions require a 2-dose programme of the MenACWY vaccination, given at 8 week intervals, as well as a routine booster every 5 years.

Who should get the MenACWY vaccine in West Croydon?

The MenACWY jab should not be administered to anyone who has an allergy to the vaccine or any of its ingredients.

Consult your pharmacist prior to getting the vaccine if you:

– Have a bleeding disorder, like haemophilia, or are easily bruised
– Have a fever
– Are pregnant or breastfeeding

MenACWY vaccine in West Croydon


How long does the MenACWY vaccine last? 

The MenACWY vaccine offers protection for at least five years. Boosters are not necessary, except for certificate-related reasons. For entry into some countries, such as Saudi Arabia, a meningitis ACWY certificate is mandatory.

Effectiveness of the MenACWY vaccine in West Croydon

Regarding the four various meningococcal bacterial strains, the MenACWY vaccine is both secure and efficient. It works by prompting the immune system to create antibodies that fight the bacteria without making you ill.

Why should teenagers and students get the MenACWY vaccine?

Meningococcal disease, which includes meningitis and septicaemia, is a rare but serious condition brought on by meningococcal bacteria.

Because new college or university students as well as older teenagers interact closely with many unfamiliar people across the world, some of whom may unknowingly have the bacteria at the back of their mouth and throat, they are likely to contract the infection.

Even if you’ve already had the MenC vaccine, you should still get the MenACWY vaccine.


What are the side effects of the MenACWY vaccine?

Like all vaccines, the MenACWY jab can cause adverse effects, though these are often minor and pass quickly.

The most frequent side effects in young adults and teenagers include high fever (over 38°C), headache, nausea, and fatigue or weariness. They also include hardness, redness, and itching at the site of injection. These symptoms should disappear after about 24 hours.

Every now and then, a tiny, insignificant lump may develop, but it typically disappears within a few weeks.

Get the Meningitis ACWY Vaccine in West Croydon

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