Why Do You Need the Flu Vaccine & Is it Effective?

Why Do You Need the Flu Vaccine & Is it Effective?

26 / Jan

flu vaccine West Croydon

The flu vaccine is regarded as the safest and most effective way of protecting yourself from the flu. It’s provided annually under the NHS services to assist in protecting people at risk of becoming severely ill from flu. Continue reading to find out how to get your flu vaccine in West Croydon.

It’s recommended that you get your vaccination during autumn or the onset of winter prior to the spread of flu. However, you can still get your vaccination at a later time.

Flu vaccine and COVID-19

It’s important to get the flu vaccination because:

– Many people are prone to catching the flu this year’s winter season as they will have less built-up natural immunity due to the COVID-19 pandemic and its movement restrictions.
– As per research, getting both the flu and COVID-19 at once can cause someone to be seriously ill.
– These two illnesses can be prevented by getting vaccinations against them. You will also be protecting the people around you from both Covid-19 and the flu.

It’s absolutely safe to have your flu vaccination if you’ve had Covid-19. It will still work to protect you against the flu.

flu vaccine West Croydon

Who is eligible for the flu vaccine in West Croydon?

You can get the flu vaccination for free under the NHS if you:

– are 50 years and above
– have some types of health conditions
– are pregnant
– are the sole carer for a disabled or an older person who may have high chances of getting sick or you receive a carer’s allowance
– reside with a person who is more likely to develop infections like those suffering from HIV and Cancer
– are in long-stay residential care
– are a social care or frontline health worker

Who should avoid getting the flu vaccine in West Croydon?

A good number of adults can get the flu vaccination. Nevertheless, you may want to avoid it if you’ve had a severe allergic response to flu vaccination in the past.

If you are allergic to eggs, you may be at a high risk of having a reaction to the flu vaccination. This is because some flu vaccines are produced using eggs.

If this applies to you, ensure that you ask your pharmacist to give you an egg-free vaccine or one that’s low on eggs.

If your temperature is high, you may want to postpone getting the flu vaccine until your temperature returns to normal.

Is the flu vaccine in West Croydon effective?

The flu vaccination is considered the best option when it comes to protecting yourself against the flu. The vaccine protects against the major types of flu viruses. However, you can still catch the flu but with milder symptoms that last for a shorter time.

The flu vaccination also helps by stopping you from spreading it further to people around you. It takes up to about 10 to 14 days for the vaccine to be effective.

What are the side effects of the flu vaccine?

Flu vaccinations are safe. The flu vaccine is administered to adults through arm injection.

If side effects do appear, they are likely to be mild and only last for a short time. These side effects include:

– slightly high temperature
– muscle aches
– sore arm at the place of injection

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