Why Should You Get the Flu Vaccine?

Why Should You Get the Flu Vaccine?

05 / Sep

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To protect patients who are more likely to develop serious illnesses from the flu, the majority of pharmacies provide the flu jab through the NHS. The flu vaccine is considered very safe. Where can I get a flu vaccine near me in West Croydon? Keep reading to find out.

The best time to get the flu jab is in the autumn or at the start of winter before the virus begins to spread. You can still acquire it later, though. One of the best ways to guarantee that you are guarded against the flu for approximately 6 months is to ensure you are vaccinated against it.

COVID-19 & the flu vaccine near me

During the coronavirus pandemic, it is crucial to receive your flu shot because:

– Due to the pandemic’s impact on their immune systems, many people are more likely to contract the flu.
– If you have the flu and Covid-19 at the same time, you run the chance of being severely ill.
– It’s essential that you get both the flu and Covid-19 vaccines in order to protect yourself and those closest to you.

Getting vaccinated against the flu is very safe, even if you’ve already had Covid-19. It will still work as it’s supposed to.

flu vaccine near me in West Croydon

Who is eligible for the flu vaccine near me in West Croydon?

The following people are qualified for the flu vaccination offered through the NHS:

– People who are 50 years old and above.
– Those with certain diseases.
– Pregnant women.
– Those in long-stay residential care.
– People who are the sole caregivers for an elderly or disabled person and receive a caregiver’s allowance because they run a high risk of contracting a disease from them.
– Those who share a home with someone who is more prone to infections and diseases. They consist of persons with HIV, those seeking medical care for conditions including lupus, cancer, or rheumatoid arthritis, and those who have undergone organ transplants.
– Social or frontline health care workers.

Who is not eligible to have the flu vaccine near me in West Croydon?

The majority of adults can get the flu jab, but if you previously experienced a severe allergic reaction to it, it’s recommended that you avoid it.

If you are allergic to eggs, you may experience an adverse reaction to the flu vaccine injection. This is because several flu vaccinations are manufactured using eggs.

You may need to request a low-egg or egg-free vaccine from your pharmacist or doctor. It’s recommended to postpone getting the flu jab if you have a fever and are otherwise unwell.

flu vaccine near me in West Croydon

How effective is the flu vaccine near me?

Flu vaccines help you avoid contracting various forms of flu viruses, but there is still a potential that you could contract the virus. If you do contract the flu after immunisation, it will probably be milder and last for a short time.

A flu vaccination will also lessen the possibility of passing the illness to those who might be more vulnerable to serious complications. The flu vaccine can take between ten and fourteen days to start working.

How many times should I get a flu vaccine near me? 

If you are older than 6 months, it is recommended that you get vaccinated against the flu every year. Many people should get vaccinated once a year for this reason. The flu vaccine may vary from year to year as it is frequently modified based on the flu strain.

Why should I get the flu vaccine near me in West Croydon?

You should have a flu jab each year for a variety of reasons. It’s the best way to guarantee that you’ll be protected from the flu and its serious complications. Below are some benefits of getting one:

– Getting vaccinated against the flu protects you from becoming sick from the virus, especially for those with chronic conditions.
– The flu vaccine has been shown to lessen the severity of infection in people who continue to have the flu despite vaccination.
– Receiving a flu vaccination reduces the possibility of being hospitalised with the illness.
– Pregnant women who receive the vaccination are protected both during pregnancy and after giving birth.
– It can prevent serious complications in children.
– By getting vaccinated against the flu, you also protect people around you.

Flu vaccine

Is the flu vaccine near me safe during pregnancy?

Yes. To protect both you and your unborn child, it’s crucial to receive your flu vaccine while pregnant. It’s considered safe at any stage of pregnancy.

Are there any flu vaccine side effects?

The flu vaccine is quite secure. Most side effects are minor and only last a day or two, including:

– Slight temperature increase
– Muscle pain
– A sore arm where the needle was inserted; older adults are more prone to experience this side effect from the immunisation.

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