Is Emergency Contraception Safe and Effective?

Is Emergency Contraception Safe and Effective?

09 / Aug

emergency contraception near me in West Croydon

If you have had unprotected intercourse or if your method of birth control has failed, such as a condom tearing or you forget to take a tablet, emergency contraception can help you avoid becoming pregnant. Where can I get emergency contraception near me in West Croydon? Continue reading to learn more.

How the emergency contraception near me works

Emergency contraception comes in 2 different forms:

– Levonelle or ellaOne, the emergency contraceptive tablet (the “morning after” pill)
– The contraceptive implant (IUD or coil)


Levonorgestrel, a synthetic form of the naturally occurring hormone progesterone produced by the ovaries, is an ingredient in Levonelle.

It is believed that consuming it will prevent or postpone ovulation.

To avoid getting pregnant, take levonelle within 72 hours (3 days) of having intercourse. It doesn’t interfere with your usual form of contraception.


Ulipristal acetate, a component of ellaOne, prevents progesterone from functioning correctly. This also prevents or delays ovulation.

To prevent pregnancy, use ellaOne within 120 hours (5 days) of intercourse.

emergency contraception near me in West Croydon

Can you get emergency contraceptive pills over the counter?

Services for contraception are available to those under the age of 16.

As long as the doctor, nurse, or pharmacist is certain that you completely understand the information being provided to you, they will not tell your parents (or caregiver).

Getting emergency contraception near me in West Croydon

Even if you are under 16, you can receive emergency contraception from the following locations, albeit not all of them may fit the IUD:

– Contraception clinics
Sexual health or genitourinary medicine (GUM) clinics
– A number of GP surgeries
– Several young people’s clinics
– Most NHS walk-in centres and minor injuries units
– Pharmacies
– Some accident and emergency (A&E) departments (phone first to check)

Buying it

You can get the emergency contraceptive pill if you’re 16 or older from most pharmacies in person or online, as well as from select organisations, such as the British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS). However, Costs can differ.

You will be questioned about a number of things when you seek emergency contraception, such as:

– If you are using any additional medications.
– Whether you engaged in unprotected intercourse.
– the stage of your menstrual cycle you are in.
– Your regular contraceptive method and what it is.

This is to determine the most effective technique for emergency contraception.

emergency contraception near me in West Croydon

Side effects of emergency contraception

The IUD and emergency contraceptive pill have no significant short- or long-term adverse effects. Some people might suffer a few of these potential side effects, while others might not.


– There is a small chance of infection
– The IUD may come out
– Periods could become heavier, more painful, or last longer

Emergency contraceptive pills:

After using it, you can experience the following side effects:

– Lightheadedness or fatigue
– Headaches
– Breast soreness
– Pain in the abdomen
– Vomiting
– Interrupted periods for a while
– Irregular bleeding patterns

Can I get emergency contraception near me in West Croydon in advance?

You can access the emergency contraceptive pill in advance of having unprotected sex if you’re:

– Concerned about your method of birth control failing.
– Travelling for a holiday.
– Having trouble obtaining emergency contraception.

For further information about acquiring advance emergency contraception, consult a doctor, pharmacist or nurse. You can also discuss with them your choices for common forms of contraception.


Who can use emergency contraception near me in West Croydon?

The emergency pill is accessible to the majority of women. Women who are unable to take hormonal contraception, for instance, the combined pill and contraceptive patch, are covered by this. It is also accessible to girls under the age of 16.

However, if you have severe asthma, are allergic to anything in the emergency contraceptive pill, or are taking any medications that might interfere with it, you should not take ellaOne since it might not work. These include:

– The herbal medicine St John’s Wort
– Some medications used for treating HIV, epilepsy, or tuberculosis (TB)
– Medications that lower stomach acidity like omeprazole
– A few less popular antibiotics (rifampicin and rifabutin)

However, you may still take Levonelle, but on a higher dose.

If you let either your doctor, nurse, or pharmacist know what medications you’re taking, they can let you know if taking the emergency pill with them is safe.

How many times should I use emergency contraception?

You will be protected against pregnancy for five to ten years with an IUD. When the IUD expires, you can acquire a new one.

You can use the emergency contraceptive pill as many times as you choose during your lifetime. If necessary, you can use the same kind of emergency contraceptive pill more than once during any menstrual cycle. Depending on whatever pill has already been used, it might not be possible to use a different kind of medication during the same cycle.

Can I get emergency contraception near me in West Croydon at the pharmacy?

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